Give young land to build their own homes, says planning minister

Young people who cannot afford to buy a home should be given land by the state so they can construct their own houses, the planning minister has suggested.

Nick Boles said it would be a way of reaching out to a generation of young Britons who want to be “given the opportunity to get on and help themselves”.

Instead of renting or applying for council housing, young people should be able to “put themselves on the list for self-build,” he said.

The Coalition is seeking to increase home ownership among younger people, in part by relaxing planning laws on house building.

The reforms have proved highly controversial with many Conservative supporters, but Mr Boles suggested the Government should “go even further”.

Figures suggest the average first-time buyer is now over 30 years old, as rising prices leave many young people unable to take the first step on to the property ladder.

Mr Boles said: “We should think about saying, 'If you can’t buy a home then you should be able to get a plot and to be able to build yourself a home if you want one – put yourself on the list for self-build’.”

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