Extra Government support for self-build surge

More people looking to start a building project, including affordable homes for their local community, will receive support, Liberal Democrat Communities Minister Don Foster has said.

Self-build is an important element of the Coalition Government’s housing strategy, and supports action to help building firms and get empty and redundant buildings back into use. The scheme has been supported by Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud.
The measures announced will complement steps already taken to dismantle barriers that hold back self-build projects: limited land availability, reluctance by lenders to provide finance and red tape.
Mr Foster unveiled a series of measures to ensure the self-build market is opened up to those on lower incomes. These include:
  • Providing new grant funding for community self-builders
  • Working with councils to increase land for self-build plots
  • Removing unfair taxes from self-builders
  • Freeing up more redundant public sector land for self-builders
  • Raising awareness about self-build
Mr Foster said the measures would help end the misconception that self-build is the pastime of a privileged elite, rather than a mainstream option. In 2012-13 almost 11,000 new homes were self-built, in an industry worth up to £4 billion for the UK economy.
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